Group Classes

Next Social Ballroom Group Begins September 2018

Group classes offer you the opportunity to learn the basics and beyond of a variety of popular dances like the
Waltz, Swing, Rumba & Foxtrot.

It's a great way to connect with each other, meet people, learn something new and HAVE FUN!
$171/couple - 6 week course

Need a partner? No problem. Contact the studio if you are interested in learning and require a partner

.$102/individual - 6 week course


AIM also offers Argentine Tango and Salsa Couples groups in 4 week sessions. learn the sultry moves of the Tango, or spice it up when you travel to the Caribbean

$114/couple - 4 week course

$68/individual - 4 week course


CLICK HERE if you would like to find out about about Private lessons